Who Are We?

BridgeNet International, A Tetra Tech Company, provides aviation consulting services for airports, air navigation service providers and partners throughout the world. We develop and deploy innovative technology solutions to address complex aircraft noise and airspace issues working for airports and air traffic organizations. Our services include technical analyses and reporting as well as translating complex technical matters into easy-to-understand materials for the general public.

Visualize the Sky


We provide premier worldwide consulting services focusing on sustainable aviation, acoustics, and custom software and visualization.

3D Airspace Reimagined

VolansĀ® is a 3D visualization software product for analyzing aircraft operations and flight procedures. The product is used to study environmental/noise impacts near airports, help design new departure and arrival procedures, perform air safety studies, create video presentations for education and community outreach, and analyze air space restrictions and obstructions, among other things. Volans clients include major airports around the world, as well as air service organizations such as the Federal Aviation Administration, Nav Canada, and Air Services Australia.

  • 3D Airspace Visualization
  • Flight Procedure Analysis
  • Noise and Sustainability
  • Dashboard Reporting

Analyze and Visualize

BridgeNet provides robust historic and real-time reporting dashboards for airports of all sizes for internal and public-facing websites. We provide custom report tools for airports, government agencies and air navigation service providers around the world to analyze noise and emissions of existing and proposed operations. These examples show the types of data used by airports and ANSPs to help educate their stakeholders and make decisions.

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