Who Are We?

We are a US company, with a global customer base.

BridgeNet International invents and deploys innovative management and technology solutions that address complex noise and airspace issues for airports and residential communities. With more than two decades of experience and original software solutions, the company identifies problems precisely and solves them through a diagnostic process that mitigates political, community and technical concerns, and builds consensus for ideas and solutions.

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Our Mission

To provide premier worldwide consulting services focusing on sustainable aviation, acoustics, and custom software and visualization.


Our focus has remained solely on providing one-on-one, custom solutions for acoustic issues at airports and surrounding communities.


Volans handles 3D Flight Operations, Procedures, Animation, Analysis and Interactive Reporting for desktop, websites and mobile apps.


BridgeNet provides air quality analysis using FAA’s EDMS and our visualization services to graphically depict “before and after” of how a new technology procedure.


High Quality Video Production for Analysis, Education and Outreach showing 3D Air Traffic Operations, Flight Procedures, and Noise Impact.


Volans is a 3D visualization software product for analyzing aircraft operations and flight procedures. The product is used to study environmental/noise impacts near airports, help design new departure and arrival procedures, perform air safety studies, create video presentations for education and community outreach, and analyze air space restrictions and obstructions, among other things. Volans clients include major airports around the world, as well as air service organizations such as the Federal Aviation Administration, Nav Canada, and Air Services Australia.

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