Volans™ is a 3D visualization software product for analyzing aircraft operations and flight procedures. The product is used to study environmental/noise impacts near airports, help design new departure and arrival procedures, perform air safety studies, create video presentations for education and community outreach, and analyze air space restrictions and obstructions, among other things. Volans clients include major airports around the world, as well as air service organizations such as the Federal Aviation Administration, Nav Canada, and Air Services Australia.

Air traffic control around the globe is transitioning from radar-based to satellite-based navigation to increase safety, capacity and on-time travel, and this transition requires extensive redesigns of arrival and departure patterns. Volans is an instrumental player in the worldwide effort to help design new flight procedures, analyze their environmental impact, and educate airport staff, elected officials and communities about these changes before they are rolled out. Volans has played a significant role in assisting the FAA’s MetroPlex program to ease the rollout of NextGen procedures in large metropolitan areas that contain multiple airports.

With a deep knowledge of acoustics and noise modeling, BridgeNet has designed Volans to be a strong asset for assessing the noise impact of aircraft operations and potential new procedures. Volans integrates with airport Noise and Operations Monitoring Systems (NOMS), noise modeling tools such as AEDT and INM, and flight procedure design tools such as TARGETS and FPDAM.

Volans’ stunning 3D animations and images, along with its built-in knowledge base in aviation and air traffic, have positioned the product for growth into other areas as well, including systems for airlines, transportation safety boards, and border patrol.

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