About Us

BridgeNet International is known throughout the aviation industry as a company to turn to when in need of quality, trustworthy noise consulting. Our hard-won reputation over the past 25 years is based in action and is substantiated in our quality interaction with clients as well as the general public. We are proud of our team of airport and acoustic experts. In our organization, the principal members of the staff are not simply figure heads, but are personally involved with each client.


BridgeNet International provides consulting, support services, and airspace visualization for airports, government agencies and partners throughout the world. Our employees have been working in the field of acoustics and information systems for over 25 years; airports are the heart of our firm and continue to be our focus. BridgeNet’s consulting and airspace visualization services concentrate on assisting airports in reducing the effects of aircraft operations on the surrounding communities. BridgeNet International continues to be on the fore-front of creating tools for airport staff and executive offices, including:


Airport Render | BridgeNet International Aviation Engineer Consultant 2012

aircraft First near-live web display of flight tracks, 2000, SFO launch customer

aircraft Fly Quiet Airline Report Card Program, 2001, ORD launch customer

aircraft GIS and noise management system software integration, 1998, SFO launch customer

aircraft Public web display of noise insulation information, 2001, ORD launch customer

aircraft Remote noise office operations, 2000, Milan, Italy launch customer

aircraft Wireless/solar Internet-based noise monitoring system, 2003, Jackson Hole launch customer

aircraft 3D Global flight tracks, 2003, French Civil Aviation Authority launch customer


BridgeNet International is an industry leader in modeling flight procedures that utilize advanced 3D navigation. The 3D visualization of BridgeNet’s graphics is through Volans. Volans is BridgeNet’s cornerstone software & is capable of tracking aircraft movements in 3D by modeling airspace procedures and aircraft emissions in a terminal area or from gate-to-gate, in real time, playback or through the creation of custom 3D videos. Volans helps to bring a complex technical subject to an understandable level for staff and non-aviation personnel.